Amphi-tech inspectionAmphi-tech conducts inspections and prepares documentation of drinking-water reservoirs. The work is carried out while the reservoir is in operation. Based on a detailed checklist, our inspector inspects the reservoir internally with the help of an ROV (remotely operated underwater vehicle). The external inspection is done visually. The results are documented in a report including images and films showing inter alia:

  • Whether the reservoir needs to be cleaned
  • The occurrence of any kind of seepage and contamination
  • The condition of the reservoir and the need for maintenance
  • Recommended measures for safe drinking-water storage

Examples of monitoring points


DocumentationReport and documentation
The report and documentation is designed to form the basis for the planning and budgeting for the maintenance and repair of the reservoir. They furthermore satisfy the industry requirement to be applied in the self-inspection programme.

 The report entails:

  • Documentation of the reservoir’s construction data, such as the year of construction volume and area of the bottom, interior material, pipe material, previous inspections and cleanings.
  • Detailed observations and recommendations concerning the reservoir’s interior and exterior environment
  • Each observation is illustrated with a photo taken during the inspection.

A DVD containing a film of the interior environment of the reservoir, filmed using an underwater vehicle, accompanies the report.