Structural status assessment

Structural status assessmentThe majority of our drinking-water reservoirs and water towers were built between the 1940s and 1970s and require maintenance due to environmental impact and natural aging. Amphi-tech conducts inspections, test and assessment of required measures in order for the reservoir to last 30 years, based on current requirements for drinking-water reservoir.

The inspection entails both the above-water and below-water structure, as well as internally and externally. The work is documented in a report covering:

  • Assessment of current status
  • Recommended measures
  • Cost assessment for recommended measures
  • Prioritisation

The report forms the basis for the determination of the appropriate options, budgeting of costs and the preparation of tender documents.

Our combined experience from more than 2000 inspected units provides us with a unique expertise in making professional damage diagnoses and the planning of corrective measures.

Amphi-tech also conducts planning, the writing of specifications and construction management.