Cleaning drinking-water reservoirs and water towers with robots is more hygienic, safe and cost-efficient than is emptying the reservoir and cleaning manually. We offer both methods, but in those cases where robotic cleaning is suitable, operating stoppages are avoided, as is the risk of changes in pressure in the reservoir, which occurs when the water is drained. All work is documented by means of written certificated and photographs.

Cleaning robotRobotic cleaning
– with the reservoir in operation

The robot is equipped with rotating brushes and hoses that suck out the sediment from the bottom of the reservoir. With the help of lighting, cameras and sonar, the robot effectively navigates through the reservoir.

Video clip: Cleaning with Amphi-Cleaner, bottom-roaming cleaning robot (YouTube)

Amphi-tech Rengöring

Manual cleaning Manual cleaning
– in emptied reservoir

With staff trained within the field of drinking-water hygiene and equipment only used in drinking water reservoirs, Amphi-tech purges and disinfects in emptied reservoirs.

Cleaning in water towers.