Quality and environment

In our work with drinking-water facilities, it is of the utmost importance that we eliminate or prevent the risk of contaminating the drinking water. We therefore work in a structured manner with the following measures, among others:


In order to ensure that our work is done with a high degree of safety and quality, the entire staff regularly takes part in and is certified according to Amphi-tech’s internal training programme. Our staff members also undergo the relevant industry-specific training in:

  • Drinking-water hygiene
  • Drinking-water technology
  • Laws, regulations and statutes


  • In order to minimise the risk of contamination of the drinking water, all equipment and material is customised for working in drinking-water reservoirs.
  • Equipment and materials are only used when working with drinking-water reservoirs.

Routines and processes

  • Documented processes for each service
  • Risk analysis for each process
  • Preventive measures are developed based on the risk assessment and are constantly evaluated
  • Detailed routines and methods for disinfection of equipment and staff members

The following is done prior to each job:

  • Review of the available data concerning the object such as drawings, inspection records and films.
  • Object-customised risk analysed
  • Object-customised work description

After the work is completed:

  • Written certificate/report  and documentation with photos and films
  • Review of the result together with the client
  • Quality inspection together with the client