Amphi-Vent– Ventilation system for drinking-water reservoirs

When the water level falls in a drinking-water reservoir, air is sucked in through the aeration channel. If there is no air purification, particulates such as combustion products and pollen follow along into the inlet air in the reservoir and are deposited on the surface of the water as a film. The surface film is a breeding ground for bacterial growth, which can affect the quality of the radio. The ventilation channel also serves as an inlet for birds and insects, as well as being susceptible to sabotage.

Amphi-Vent™ is a ventilation system featuring air filters, which effectively filter inlet air and impedes contamination in the event of sabotage. Provided that the manhole and other openings in the reservoir are tightly closed, air in the reservoir is forced to pass through the air filter when the levels change.


Technical data

Amphi-Vent™ meets the requirements according to SSEN 1508 standards.
Patent no.: 525 509

For outdoor installationPress Fuse
Amphi-Vent™ is equipped with a pressure fuse whose membrane windows fail in the event a damaging amount of pressure is encountered. The window area is larger than that of the air channel, which provides complete protection in the event of a crash dump.

Aeration filter
Trox Technik has, on assignment by Amphi-tech AB, specially designed the filter for Amphi-Vent™. Trox GmbH is one of the largest filter manufacturers in Europe. The filter material can be obtained as fine filter (class F7) or microfilter (class H13).

Amphi-Vent™ ventilation system
Available for outdoor and indoor installation.
The numerical designation corresponds to the pipe dimension.

For outdoor installation: (stainless steel)
AmphiVent™ 200u
AmphiVent™ 125u
Can be installed on existing goose necks.

For indoor installationFor indoor installation: (stainless steel)
AmphiVent™ 200i
AmphiVent™ 125i

When there is a risk of freezing, a heating element is available as an optional accessory.

Both installation types can be connected by an adapter to other pipe dimensions; where necessary, we perform inspection calculations and dimensioning.

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