Accumulator tanks

Accumulator tanksAmphi-tech conducts inspections of water-filled accumulator tanks without the tank needing to be drained and with a limited amounted of operational stoppage. Once the water temperature is reduced to +55° C, a visual inspection is made as is an inspection using the ROV (remotely operated underwater vehicle).

The inspection entails:

  • Checking and inspection of the inner walkway.
  • Inspection of the lines on the sheath from the water level to the bottom.
  • Suction-cleaning and inspection of bottom plates.
  • Inspection of pipe openings and upper nozzle.

The inspection and its related report and documentation allow for:

  • The prevention of operating stoppages and defects that can result in elevated maintenance costs.
  • Compliance with safety requirements for the following inspection.
  • The resiliency of the material to be utilised in order to optimise the useful life of the unit.