Sprinkler tanks

The sprinkler tank is an important part of the sprinkler system. Regular inspection of the tank’s interior environment is required in order to ensure system performance and function.

Amphi-tech conducts 10-year checks and inspections of the tank in operation using an ROV (remotely operated underwater vehicle). Based on detailed checklists, our inspector inspects the status of the tank and its need for maintenance. The result is documented in a written report with photos and film which show inter alia:

  • The condition of the tank and its need for maintenance
  • Whether the tank needs cleaning
  • Corrosion on pipes, flanges etc.
  • Recommended measures for optimum operating reliability and function

Sprinkler tanks

DocumentationReports and documentation
The report and documentation is intended to form the basis for planning and budgeting for the tank’s maintenance and repairs.

The report entails:

  • Documentation of construction data for the tank, such as year of construction, volume and bottom area, internal material, pipe material, previous inspections and cleanings
  • Detailed observations and recommendations concerning the tank’s interior and exterior environment
  • The respective observations are illustrated by a photograph taken during the inspection

A DVD containing a film of the tank’s interior and exterior environment, filmed with an ROV, accompanies the report.